Flapjack's Gold Fever

Stephen L. Blain


Intrigue and suspense are the last thing that gold prospector Flapjack, Sammy Sloan, has time to deal with. He has been living quite happily prospecting gold in the wilds of Alaska until the day his partner George dies. George's death sets into motion a series of events that lead Flapjack into a world that he would prefer not to venture. He is stunned to learn that George has left his land to his nephew Mark. Mark is a city-boy, unprepared for the work and dangers of the life of a prospector, but Flapjack agrees to help him. As if this intruder wasn't enough, Flapjack suddenly is being contacted by a woman claiming to be his daughter and a mining company owner bent on owning his land. As he comes to accept that he may in fact be a father to Suzi, the unthinkable happens. His daughter starts to date Norman, the mining company owner who is bent on owing his claim, and who Flapjack feels certain is behind all the trouble in his life. As he races to unravel the truth and stay alive, Flapjack comes to learn the truth and perhaps love is the best cure for his lifelong gold fever.

Stephen L. Blain's Flapjack character will be instantly likeable in his curmudgeonly ways. Blain does an excellent job of painting Flapjack as a larger-than-life figure without rendering him to a mere caricature. Readers will find themselves invested in Flapjack's life and rooting for him to stay alive and foil the plans of the bad guy. Now is a prime time for Flapjack's Gold Fever as the public interest in Alaska and gold is a an all-time high. Fans of the Discovery Channel's Gold Rush will feel as if they are watching a season's worth of the show when reading Blain's book.

Miranda Prather

Executive Director