Feb. 7, 2007Jim's Bahamas Adventure is the story of a group of men who brave the 

                 elements to see if they can win the battle between man and nature. This book was easy 

                to read and probably would be even more compelling for the avid boater. Blain takes

               you on a journey with his vivid descriptions of the ocean, the storms, and the islands. 

              The story tells of a simpler time, when gas was about $.69 per gallon. Through Blain's

              storytelling, we are reminded that the day-to-day grind doesn't have to be all there is 

              to life. Short and sweet, much like a pleasant daydream. This book is worth taking 

              a few moments to read.   review by  Rebecca Benston


Jan. 8, 2007:  I enjoyed it. You introduced each one of your boys very well and I was with them all       

though the book. To me it was a "cliff hanger" to the end. Ginny - Home maker, Lakeview, Ohio 43331

Jan. 4, 2007:  I think that Jim's Bahamas Adventure was very good. Although I would have liked to hear

more details. For example what it felt like to be diving. Maria- English teacher-Llansa Girons, Spain      

Oct. 18, 2006:   Jim's Bahamas Adventure  was one of the funniest book that I have read in a long time. 

I would recommend it to everyone. Pamela Sue Fitzwater- Dispatcher- Springfield, Oh. 45505